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to calvert, gillford avenue, closed from madison to monument, if you are using the jfx, that's your best route. be aware that the off ramp to gillford is now closed. as we check in and look at 83, north of 695, traffic is moving along, no delays in to the city, and if you are using 95, downtown, here is what it looks like 395, no problems to report. no delays through the fort mc henry, harbor going to be in great shape. you are looking now at the abc time save traffic drive times, 695, no problems to report, 95 up to 83. that takes you 11 minutes. normal conditions, on the west side, 11 minute ride as well on the outer loop, 795, down to 95. >>> here are the stories we are working on for you for good morning maryland, coming up at 5:00. >> retired state trooper jumps in to action when a man pulse pulls a gun at a store. >>> a arizona woman is furious about president obama being ree legislated and takes it -- re- elected and takes it out on her husband, she put him in the hospital. those stories and more coming up. >>> consumer news, retailers are pushing to get customers out to shop on
they work together to stop a crime spree that's targeting women. >>> a nor'easter missed us. we're feeling the cool temperatures. look at that. and where it hit. and they did not need it on thursday november 8th. >> and thank you for joining us. >> we are hearing the stories where people from the area are added to help. >>> let's get to lynette on how the storm missed us. >> the people up north not so much. and we are dealing with the cold. millersville around 40. and we're fog to deal with the wind chill at 8 to 315 miles an hour throughout the day. they will ramp up and have justs at 30 miles an hour. that is pulling away from us but it has the grip on news terms of the cold weather. this what we look like and most of the wet weather is to the south of us now. we're going to dry out gradually and clear out this is what you can expect. let's get a check of the traffic with lauren cook. >> and we are still dealing with the massive water main break in baltimore. and charles street will be shut down from penn station to 21st street. there are detours in place. you will want to use maryland a
th. pretty good chance they will have some nice size crowds. >> and i will use my vacation days can you believe most people don't use their vacation days. >> i can't believe that i have none. >> yours is empty. >> exactly. i can't wait until the new year. let's talk about what's going on in terms of winds. they are light this morning. they are to the northwest at about 5 miles oop hour. but with that -- an hour. but with that as you head to the bus stop there's a wind chill. temperatures coming in at 36 degrees. feeling like 31, 32. and make sure to bundle up the kids as they head out and about. it's going to be cold and as we go through the day, they come home from school, still on the chilly side and cool side and temperatures coming in right around 51 degrees. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook good morning. >> reporter: good morning. if you are traveling 695, there's nothing to get in your way. it will be nice and clear as you travel the inner loop towards 95. and that outer loop is going to take you 11 minutes right now from 95 up to 8 3. if you are headed
the way up to 83. if you are using the jfx to get downtown, no delays whatsoever. you're looking at 11 minute ride as well traveling southbound from 695 all the way to fayette street. megan and charlie, over to you. >>> two minutes after 5:00 right now. so close to graduating from high school but a crash in carol county ended a 17-year- old's life. abc2 news linda so is here to tell us how the community plans to honor the teenager. >> reporter: michael mcverry was a senior another westminster high school. tomorrow night the varsity football team will dedicate the game to its family in the regional finals. police say alcohol or drugs was not a factor. he was riding in a car driven by an 18-year-old. their car crossed the lane and hit a dodge neon. the driver of the neon was treated and released. the driver is still being treated at shock trauma. neighbors say the crash was so loud they knew right away something terrible had happened. >> when the impact happened it shook my house and that was my first intention was okay, did someone hit the house or maybe some type of explosion happening
no problems through the fort mchenry or harbor tunnel and if you using 95 in white marsh it will take 15 minutes to get into the city. 695 going to be in great shape no problems from parkville to towson and on the west side you are looking at a normal 11 minute ride on outer loop from 795 down towards 95. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic now over to you. >>> a food fight during lunchtime left stewed wasn't punishment not expected. >> what the school did that had them dropping food off for their kid. >> and how exercise can help you live longer even if you severely overweight. details coming up. >>> other political news making headlines this morning voters in colorado and washington state approved measures allowing adults to use marijuana for medicior recreational purpose. oregon voted the measure down. the drug is a subject of state regulation and taxes federal authorities could block the measures. >>> same sex marriage was on the ballot in three other states. voters in maine approved it but results from minnesota and washington may not come in until later this week. this is
clause in new york state law has never been used. >>> signs of the damage is everywhere, with the election taking place tomorrow, we wanted to find out how people affected by the storm of sandy, what they will do about the vote. >> reporter: voting is on my mind, even though i'm living in the mess. i am who i am. >> is voting the last thing on your mind? >> it's not really -- i'm not making it a problem. i'm going to get to my poll. >> hopefully it's current where my poll is registered. i want to vote. the death toll reached 179, including 110 in the u.s. 47 in new york. >>> there is no good place for a boa constrictor to surprise you. >> we will tell you where they found the uninvited guest as good morning maryland begins at 5:00 right now. >>> to expand gaming or not, that's the question facing voters when they head to the polls tomorrow. a refresher of what it could mean for you. >> it took a late game come back but the ravens take care of business in cleveland. >> teams are meeting baltimore and helping victims of hurricane sandy. >>> i hope you had a great weekend,
questions the use of drugs for pregnant women who may be experiencing symptoms of depression. this report looked at more than 100 studies on certain antidepressants, things like paxil, zoloft, lexapro, and they found that they increased the risk of miscarriage, early delivery and neurological problems in babies. pregnant women need to talk it to their doctor if they're taking antidepressants. >>> how can you tell if your child has a cold or allergies. this time of year it's common for kids to have runny noses a cough or they're sneezing. they might also have a fever. if your child is sick for a few weeks and no one else in the home is getting sick, chances are it's allergies. and when in doubt parents should always talk to their pediatrician. >>> we want to tell you about the pledge one hospital is asking their workers and community to sign. why they say it's about being healthy. good morning maryland at 5 starts right now. >> you're watching the station that works for you. now good morning maryland. >>> she has moved on, and now it is our turn to help those devastated by sandy. what mary
is getting the transplant with bone marrow by an anonymous donor. >>> some of us can't start the day without it. but that morning cup of joe could be a thing of the past. >> the threat climate change could be having on coffee. good morning maryland at 5 begins right now. >> are's watching the station that works for you, now good morning maryland. >>> it's veterans day. and we are live telling you how baltimore plans to honor our men and women of the armed forces. >> what caused a massive explosion in one neighborhood that killed two people. veltors returned to the scene this morning trying to figure out what happened. >> sunday's game with the raiders turned into a track meet for the ravens. now let's have that optimism andhead to pittsburgh as we play the steelers next week. we will tell you about that on this monday november 12th. happy veterans day and good morning i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. hope you had a great weekend and a chance to enjoy the gorgeous weather. >> it was a perfect two days. the pressure is on. >> okay. i am going to do it again for you today for today
. >> what she is using to keep her business safe and it's getting mixed reviews from customers. >> good morning maryland at 5 starts right now new yo -- >> you are watching the station that works for you, now, good morning maryland. >> just one day left to get your vote in early before election day. pack patience if you plan to go out. >> to expand gambling or not? that's a question for next week. we will tell you who is coming out in support of it. >> and we were spared the worst but could it have been worst? we will look at how close we came to being in the center of the storm's path on this friday >> i am megan pinningel. happy friday. we have had a rough week here in maryland. >> it has been a really tough week out there -- out there. you have the cold weather behind sandy that dominated the news well past wednesday. a lot of people are in the dark. >> i that i lot of people are he had ay for warmer temperatures and maybe some sunshine. if we can dream. >> lynette. >> right. i might be able to do one of those for you. and that's the sunshine. and a little more sunshine into the week
street is now open. ku actually use that to turn left onto guilford avenue and take that downtown, but as the morning rush does start to pick up, you will want to expect congestion. use 83 or calvert street instead. here's what it looked like last night on madison street. actually, you can see the water running at the moment. that is no longer the case. they've made major progress in the area. but it's still going to impact traffic for quite some time. and you are aware of last week's water main break about a mile away from the scene, north charles street. that's still a mess. it's the main shut down between main avenue and 21st street. your alternate routes to avoid the water main break delays are going to be calvert street and 83. if you are traveling on 83 right now, this morning, here's what it looks like just north of 695. no delays whatsoever. normal conditions, just 11 minutes right now to travel southbound from the beltway all the way to fayette street. and this is what 695 looks like over on the west side at liberty road. not too many cars out there just yet. you won't ha
pringle. thanks for joining us. before you head to the polls you want to know how to dress especially if you have to wait in line. >> lynette is standing by with a check of the forecast. >> we are picking up where we left off with freeze warnings in effect this morning. this one is until 9 this morning and you can see it for the areas here shaded in purple. only place we are not having it is is along the eastern shore. as you head out make sure to have the big code. -- coat. we are looking at temperatures in the 20s. 25 degrees right now in reisterstown and it's cold that's pretty much an understatement. you need to bundle up as you head out the door this morning. the thick coat more of the same in jessup at 28 degrees right now. and we are looking at sykesville at 29. the only silver lining really is the fact that the winds are not really gusting it's not as breezy as yesterday. but, the reason with the winds being light like this is temperatures are able to drop off this morning. so, it's a little bit of what you want what you don't want. as we look at maryland's most powerful radar
into the city if you are using 695 as we check in and take a look here at hard ford road. everything is moving along. as you travel up to towson. this is 83. and it will be delay free from the beltway all the way to fayette street. it will take you a typical 11 minutes now. megan and charlie, back over to you. >>> i'm wearing a special tie it was designed by mia who lost her life to cystic fibrosis. >> she was a patient at johns hopkins. one of her drawings was chosen to be put on a tie like the one here. it is part of the miracle tie collection. linda so is live to tell us how the ties can help kids who are fighting serious diseases. linda. >> 100% of the proceedings go to johns hopkins center. this is the collection this year. there are some special ties and cool things here. this is one that comes back for several years. it is a popular tie. we have world peace, snow men trees. and one of the artists, elizabeth. >> you will be tushing 15 soon. >> this about world peace and everything. , when did you draw it. >> last year. >> why were you at hopkins. >> i was there i was transferred for pain
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12